hello there...

My name is Ashika Kuruvilla, an aspiring filmmaker who moved to  New York City as a 15 year old from India to pursue an athletic career in basketball. Today-I'm a 23 year old Creative that made sacrifices to pursue my love for the visual arts and connect it with my newfound love for storytelling. 

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Communications from Baruch College-CUNY. I’m currently getting a Master’s degree in Film with a specialization in documentary from City Film-City College of New York.

In the span of three and half years I have worked as a creative across three New York based agencies; Fresh Digital Group, Shark Group and VaynerMedia. In addition, I spent a full year as a Junior Designer at Mount Sinai Health System understanding the ins and outs of a traditional brand. Today, I work as an Assistant Editor for an Emmy award winning company called The Skin Deep.

In the midst of building a career; I started a community oriented Artist Collective called Viduals that acts as resource for emerging artists. In my free time I'm exploring New York City with my camera-shooting it's glory and the beautiful people that go with it.