RAW Artists Showcase

Urban Personas

This series of images is inspired by the idea of New York City's diversity, in terms of personality. The technique I use as photographer is the ability to capture the strange and unusual elements in my environment on the go and as quickly as I see it. This capturing of the urban essence of my surroundings translates to making me a street photographer. Therefore, I am passionate about discovering the uncanny and preserving the memory of it through photography. Over the past few months, I have found leisure in exploring the city in all of its vastness and diversity. As per the observation of its beauty, I always made it a point to take someone with me in order to capture different personalities. As a result, I discovered that every part of New York has a personality that is a reflection of somebody's personality and every single persona is more unique than the last. Moreover, every image in this series, is some shape or color, delivers the personality of the person in it. 

Highline Ballroom, New York: RAW Artist 

New Media Artspace

Birds of the Same Feather

“Birds of the same feather flock together.” You’d think this is the case for most but it is not. Society has put a greater value on the working class in a corporate setting, while restraining artists and deeming their efforts to have less importance. An artist herself, Ashika Kuruvilla understands the hurdles that one faces trying to gain recognition for artistic work. Her mission is to challenge the notion that an artist’s work is inferior to someone working “nine to five.” Complemented by her effortless word play, the video highlights the haptic and cognitive functions of this dichotomy by mirroring the two side by side. For example, the motion a graffiti artist makes with his spray can is compared to an accountant writing his numbers on a white board. By doing so she eliminates this stigma, and allows you to visually connect with artists to see their true value.

New Media Artspace: Baruch College