She's A Runner: 

Through the use of a compilation of footage from my annual visits to my home country India and new footage of my familiar routes in New York City; She’s A Runner depicts my emotions of anxiety and uncertainty of belonging in the places I called home at two different points in my life. I’ve dealt with a patriarchal society that has forced me to leave so I don’t put limitations on my ambitions and moved to society where oppression surrounds me by only a few miles for being a woman of color. The poetry in the piece connects the two places because of the perils that they’ve given me, moreover they are contrasted by characteristics such as cultural differences and geographical location.

Rape Channel:  

In this video, my goal was to explore the idea of time, visually, accompanied by uncanny recorded sounds from various media outlets to comment on a social issue (Rape). The candle is a symbol of a women's body in relationship to being a victim of rape, her body slowly fades to nothing while society flips through channels on television that all hint at the brutality and irony of rape. 

My intention was to comment on the idea that media overwhelms us with a whole lot of information, all almost equally relevant, but as humans we may only choose to stop and listen to the ones that are most relevant to us. As a result, the attention that social change needs, isn't necessarily being given. 

Birds Of The Same Feather

“Birds of the same feather flock together.” You’d think this is the case for most but it is not. Society has put a greater value on the working class in a corporate setting, while restraining artists and deeming their efforts to have less importance. An artist herself, Ashika Kuruvilla understands the hurdles that one faces trying to gain recognition for artistic work. Her mission is to challenge the notion that an artist’s work is inferior to someone working “nine to five.” Complemented by her effortless word play, the video highlights the haptic and cognitive functions of this dichotomy by mirroring the two side by side. For example, the motion a graffiti artist makes with his spray can is compared to an accountant writing his numbers on a white board. By doing so she eliminates this stigma, and allows you to visually connect with artists to see their true value.

Prix Fixe

A documentary that a fellow classmate and I created tells the story of a NYC sous chef- Jamie Hogg- Wharekawa through compelling visuals of a full prix- fixe meal. The interview and visuals were structured to reflect how he started in the industry- the appetizer, the grueling work for sacrifices such as unsustainable compensation- the main entree, and the reward in fulfilling a passion- the dessert. This was featured on Baruch College's online journalism publication Dollars and Sense.