Is a community-oriented platform that I and a fellow artist designed to support artists by visually showcasing their individual perspectives. The platform acts as a series of profiles that highlights the features’ intent, process and aesthetic. Fashion is at the heart of the page as it is one of the most immediate ways one can express the self; for many it is an extension and translation of thoughts, emotions and state of mind. 

My responsibilities as an art director includes shooting and editing all videos and photos, curating the photos and designing all the graphics. I also aid my partner in scouting artists and locations to shoot. 

Brand Identity: Inspired by the idea that everyone's fingerprint is unique to the other, I created the Viduals logo intending to reflect the connection between individuality and expression. 

Sample Process Video: 

Primary Platform: Instagram Page (View)

Secondary Platform: Website (View)


Mathesthetics: Magazine Concept and Design

A magazine designed to produce content that connects math to design. It highlights trends in design that use mathematical concepts or theories. For example the cover story of the issue shown below talks about the use of the Golden Ratio in Google's overall branding.